Can I resize according to percentage increase/decrease?

Absolutely. You can either choose percentage increase/decreases, or specify the output in pixels.

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Can I resize to specific sizes (specifying size in pixels)?

Absolutely. You can choose the exact number of pixels to which to resize.

You can also choose whether you’d like to crop the photo or squeeze it (in case of shrinking the image size). Note that if you choose pixel sizes which are not proportional to the original size (and do not choose to crop), the picture will be squeezed or stretched in order to fit within your required pixel sizes.

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Will ImageShell Resizer retain the features of the original photo when rotated?

There is quality degradation for any rotations which are not multiples of 90 degrees (i.e. 90, 180, and 270). These three rotations will produce predictable results. In the case of other angles, the image will be enlarged in order to retain the required rectangular form. There will be also skew or stretch of some images.

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Can the PDFs produced be searched for words (for example, if the original image has some text inside)?

No. Since the input files would not have the words are readable/searchable (e.g. in a jpg), neither will the output files.

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Can the EPS files created by ImageShell Resizer be edited by “vector software”?

No. The EPS output files generated by ImageShell Resizer are raster images readable by EPS viewers.

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Is ImageShell Resizer free?

Yes. ImageShell Resizer is currently available at no cost to anyone who wants it.

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How does ImageShell Resizer work?

You place all the files/images that you would like to convert, resize, crop or rotate in one folder. You then choose the folder where you would like the output files to be placed in. The final step is to decide what operation you would like carried out. When you do, you click the “run” button, and ImageShell Resizer will get to work.

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What file formats does ImageShell Resizer handle?

The input/read formats which are supported are:


The output/write formats are:


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What kind of editing can ImageShell Resizer do?

As the name suggests, it’s main use is as a “file resizer”. So, it can shrink or expand images. However, it can also convert from one image type to another (a total of 12 image extensions can be managed). And finally, it can also rotate files to any degree you would like.

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What is ImageShell Resizer?

ImageShell Resizer is a batch/bulk processor of images. That means that you can resize or otherwise edit many images at the same time.

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