A Short Tutorial

If installation has been successful, you can plunge into your first job.

If you haven’t done so already, move or copy the images that you would like to process into a folder somewhere on your hard drive. Then click on the (Select) Folder In button and select this folder.


Press OK to close the Browse for Folder box.


The contents of this folder will not be touched by Resizer.

Next, click on (Select) Folder Out to determine where you would like the results to be placed. Each job will create a subfolder in your selected Folder Out with the date and time of the job and all processed/resulting images of the current job will be placed inside. Press OK after selecting to close the Browse for Folder box.

Now click on the third button, Choose Output File Format. Select the file format denoted by an asterisk (*) from the list. This will leave your original file formats unchanged.


If you would like your images rotated, click on the fourth button and choose a rotation angle in degrees, from 0 to 360 and then click on the triangle.

Finally click on the first button of the second row to enter size and resizing details.


If you want to reduce the size of your images by 50%, then simply replace the width and height values by 50, keep Value Type as % and leave Transform Type as Exp/Squeeze. Click on the triangle to save these settings and close the Size box.

Now click on the large triangle on your original screen to proceed.


That’s your first job. If all goes well at completion the new folder will open for you so you can see the results.


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