Installer has been tested on Windows versions 7, 8.x and 10. Installing on these platforms involves no more than running the executable. The program files will be installed in C:/Program Files/ImageShell/Resizer and the user settings in the user’s AppData, Roaming directory which is determined by the %AppData% environmental variable. The former must have read and execute permissions and the latter must have read and write permissions. A shortcut is created on the desktop and the program is additionally openable from the Start Menu.

The Installer will also create an Uninstaller which can be accessed from the Start Menu.


If Resizer is already installed, the installation will delete the C:/Program Files/ImageShell/Resizer folder with everything in it before reinstalling. A warning message will alert you to this fact, but there are no further checks of the contents of those folders and any files that you may have in that location which do not belong to the installation will be deleted.


Having a program open or permissions issues are the most likely causes of a failed install. Try to close any programs and ensure adequate permissions for the above folders and try again.


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