Folder in


This is the source folder for the image processing that you are carrying out. Put all the images you would like to have processed here bearing in mind that not all image file formats are understood by Resizer.

Some file formats which Resizer can output cannot be read. These include EPS and HTML. There are also file formats which appear in a variety of protocols where Resizer may fail to read. Some BMPs for example use compression algorithms that Resizer does not understand. The TIFF format which is a shell for other formats is susceptible to such issues since it can hold formats which are not supported by Resizer. WIth the following formats, Resizer will make an attempt to read and if this fails, it will simply move onto the next file. After the operation is complete Resizer will give an error report with a brief explanation of why it failed to read a format.

The input/read formats which are supported are:


Resizer will assume that the extensions above indicate the file formats so your file MUST have these extensions.

Files and extensions may be lowercase or uppercase.


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