File Formats


Resizer can output in a variety of formats, some of which are more reliable and better tested than others. In the listing offered by the Folder Out form, there are two separately alphabetised lists merged into one. Those before the asterisk (* ) are the more common and more reliably output formats.


PDFs and EPS files can be produced but they have no vector graphics or text components. Both are output as raster images only readable by Acrobat Reader and any EPS viewers, but not searchable or scalable without further processing, for example.


Multi-page formats are treated as though they only contained their first page/image.

The following is the list of supported output formats.

If you would like simply to maintain the input format, select the asterisk (*).


picon files will only produce 48 x 48 as they are icons, so any resizing specifications will be ignored for this format.


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