File Formats


Resizer can output in a variety of formats, and unless you have specific requirements or require minimal file sizes are optimisation of some aspect of the image, most formats are produced as expected. PNGs and JPEGs have a simple optimisation process in place and some attempt will be made to strike a balance between speed and file size. JPEGs will lose some quality every time they are processed but their file sizes tend to be very small. If optimisation fails for whatever reason the files are saved without optimisation and may therefore be larger than expected.


PDFs and EPS files can be produced but they have no vector graphics or text components. Both are output as raster images only readable by Acrobat Reader and any EPS viewers, but not searchable or scalable without further processing, for example.


Multi-page formats are treated as though they only contained their first page/image.

The following is the list of supported output formats.

If you would like simply to maintain the input format, select the asterisk (*).


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