Additional Settings


There are additional settings that you can configure by pressing on the button with the above image.

Open Folder Out After Completion will open the Folder Out in which the output of the current job is placed using Windows Explorer.


If the job produces an Error Log, then the folder opens only after you close the Error Log window.

Quality/DPI for PDF to Image Conversions allows you to specify the quality of images output from pdfs. If you specify a high dpi (dots per inch) figure, quality improves but conversion can take substantially longer.

Resize Algorithm allows you to choose from the most common algorithms for resizing. Because resizing requires the software to make certain decisions about what to do with the missing or surplus pixels in the output image, and because the appearance of the final image depends on these decisions, algorithms have been developed to suit particular needs among users of the output image.

For a description of the algorithms, see Expand/Squeeze.


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