Shrinking 100 Image Files

There are lots of reasons why someone would think about shrinking image files. The one which comes to my mind, is so that people with Gmail accounts can see them when I send them! I recently bought a new phone, and took some pictures. As it happened, the default setting on the phone, was to take high resolution photos. So, after a day out, I had a bunch of glorious photos, which also happened to be huge.

Now, I know from experience that if you receive a giant photo in Gmail, it’s quite annoying.

For some perfectly good reason (that I don’t know or understand), the giant photos mess up Gmail’s proportions. You can only see part of the picture, and the horizontal scroll bar goes crazy (it gets huge). The reply button, along with the star and the reply options go off screen, never to be seen of again (well, you get the picture – pun intended!).

Anyway, so it’s at that point that I though… “well, lucky me! I know just how to solve this problem!”

The Fix

ImageShell’s Resizer makes it very easy to solve this problem. You just stick the files in one folder, you tell it what output size you want, and click on the resize (“play”) button! It doesn’t matter if you have one or one thousand photos! They all just pop out in the output folder. You can tell it to shrink all the photos by a percentage if your case was like mine. Alternatively, if you want them shrunk for some other reason, you can specify exactly what size you want in pixels. If you want to change the proportions, you can do that too, squeezing or expanding the picture.

And the best thing? Shrinking image files is so simple… Resizer, though very powerful, is extremely easy to use. Easy as pie in fact…

shrinking image files