ImageShell Resizer is a free, simple yet powerful, bulk image editing tool.

It takes all the files you’ve placed into one folder, and creates a new folder with all the files changed as per your requirements.

As the name indicates, it can resize your images (expand or shrink), as well as rotate, crop and convert their format. If you’re resizing, you can specify a percentage increase/decrease as well as a fixed size specified in pixels.

ImageShell Resizer handles a large number of file formats as input and output, including all the major ones (JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, BMP, TIFF) as well as a large selection of less common formats.


ImageShell Resizer is a batch/bulk processor of images that can rotate and resize/crop a large number of images without user interaction and output the results as new images in the original or specified format in a specified folder. It can also be used to convert between common image formats. It is not suitable for handling very large images but has no limits on the number of images it can process.

General Usage

You place all the files/images that you would like to convert, resize, crop or rotate in one folder. You then choose the folder where you would like the output files to be placed in. The final step is to decide what operation you would like carried out. When you do, you click the “run” button, and ImageShell Resizer will get to work.

Folder in

This is the source folder for the image processing that you are carrying out. Put all the images you would like to have processed here bearing in mind that not all image file formats are understood by Resizer.

Folder Out

This is the destination folder where you would like Resizer to place the images resulting from the processing. Resizer will create a new folder for each job, and name it using the date and time at which the job is started. All output files are placed inside this folder which is itself in the Folder Out that you have specified.

File Formats

A selection of the file formats which are supported are in the table below. In total, ImageShell Resizer supports 53 file types. Click here to see the complete list of supported formats.

Major formats Uncommon formats

Resizer will assume that the extensions above indicate the file formats so your file MUST have these extensions. Files and extensions may be lowercase or uppercase.


Batch Processing

Resizer is able to process a large number of image files without user interaction (once the settings are determined). Any two folders on the hard drive can be assigned as the source and destination folders and all images that are of the supported format (determined by their extensions, i.e. jpeg, png, tiff, etc., will be processed).

Most major image formats are supported for both input and output.


A rotation angle can be specified and all images in the folder will be rotated by the specified amount. This feature is intended primarily for 90, 180 and 270 degrees, but any angle can be specified. Processing of angles other than the above, however, is not optimised and the resulting quality of the images may not be adequate.


Images can be cropped in either of two ways:

  • By specifying a percentage of the original size
  • By specifying a specific pixel height and width


Images can be squeezed or expanded in either of two ways:

  • By specifying a percentage of the original size
  • By specifying a specific pixel height and width

Since any squeezing or expanding will distort the image, a choice of four algorithms are offered as below.

Resizing Algorithms

Resizer offers the following algorithms within the Expand/Squeeze option:

  • Nearest Neighbour
  • Bilinear
  • Bicubic
  • AntiAlias/Lanczos


There are numerous limitations to Resizer’s scope, but particularly noteworthy are the following:

  • Resizer is not intended for very large files and will generally not handle these well on older computers without adequate memory.
  • It also cannot read/process all variants of certain file formats.


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